Devon started his first #ReadingWithDK challenge in the summer of 2017. His initial intentions were to give kids some motivation to pick up a book and read over their summer break. He chose To Kill A Mockingbird and The Alchemist as the books to read because these 2 books made a lasting impression on him in his adolescence. Devon not only wanted kids to read the books but internalize the lessons within the books. With that in mind he posted questions on his Instagram and Facebook accounts asking specific questions about the books and the impact the lessons had on their personal lives. Everyone who participated in the #ReadingWithDK challenge entered the chance to win some signed NY gear that Devon signed himself. He personally chose the winners of the contest. The first #ReadingWithDK challenge got incredible participation from kids on Instagram and Facebook and the feedback was incredible! Checkout The NY Times article on #ReadingWithDK below!

Spring 2020 Challenge

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Winter 2017 Challenge

Summer 2017 Challenge

Some of DK’s Questions & Responses From Readers

Question (The Alchemist):

Give one example in the book when Santiago overcame one of his fears in pursuit of his personal legend?


Fear persistently comes up throughout Santiago’s journey as the primary obstacle to Santiago’s successfully achieving his Personal Legend. Santiago experiences several forms of fear: a childhood fear of having the gypsy woman interpret his dream or a material fear of losing his wealth by departing to Tangier.#ReadingWithDK

Question (To Kill A Mockingbird):

Which character do you relate to most? Why?


I relate the most to Scout because we both grew up as tomboys and being able to play/ hang with the boys. Heck I’m 17 now and even though I’m not nearly as much of a tom boy now I am one of the only girls that collects sports cards and wants to be a sports broadcaster.



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