Devon Kennard

Devon Kennard is an athlete, businessman and philanthropist. He plays in the NFL as a linebacker for the Detroit Lions. Kennard’s history is closely linked to American Football, as he isn’t the first person in his family to play the game. His father played in the NFL for thirteen years and won a Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys in the year 1996. Devon was a top 10-college prospect; a US Army All American and a five star recruit out of Phoenix, AZ. He graduated college from the University of Southern California with an undergraduate degree in Communications, in the year 2012, securing a GPA of 3.4. After his graduation, he pursued his master’s degree in Communication Management with an emphasis on Marketing from USC in the year 2013 and secured a GPA of 3.8. Devon has been able to find success in his life both on and off the field. Devon’s life encounters have shaped who he is today and he would like to share his unique skills and experiences to inspire people.


Devon is a master in Communication Management from USC and graduated with a GPA of 3.8. He obtained his master’s degree in the year 2013. Devon used his college education and began investing in real estate in 2014 and has grown his business significantly since then. Kennard plans to continue to invest in real estate while also assessing new businesses to create and/or invest in. In addition to his business endeavors Devon has been chosen to be the NFLPA rep for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons by the NY Giants and Detroit Lions. This NFLPA nomination has allowed Devon to be an active participant in the business side of the NFL and he’s been able to vote on pressing issues throughout his time serving as the rep.

In 2016 Devon became a volunteer and supporter of New City Kids, which is an after school program in New Jersey where kids are tutored, walked through the college application process and learn to play instruments. He was an active volunteer as well as a donor to New City Kids. Once joining the Detroit Lions DK immediately started volunteering at the Midnight Golf Program. Similarly to New City Kids, the Midnight Golf Program is an after school program that focuses on high school students. The students are mentored by advisors who help them get ready for the transition to college. Midnight golf mentors help the students apply for colleges scholarships and grants. DK won the Detroit Lions Man of the Year award which included a large donation from the organization; which he plans to give to the Midnight Golf Program.


Devon belongs to a family of footballers; his father played in the NFL 11 years and started for the Cowboys in the 1996 Super Bowl. Devon’s NFL career began in 2014 where he was the 174th draft pick (5th round) by the New York Giants. Devon’s NFL career progressed quickly, he earned a starting spot his rookie season and was voted NFC Defensive Player of Week December 7, 2014. DK started for the Giants his entire time with the team from 2014-2017. He is known for his versatility and ability to play as a linebacker and defensive end. This versatility led to the Detroit Lions signing DK to a multi year deal. Devon’s first year in Detroit was quite successful. He was voted team captain while also having his best NFL season yet with 46 tackles and 7 sacks.



  • Keynote speaker at USC Athletic Fundraising event June 2013
  • Voted team captain by coaches and players at USC 2013 season



  • Keynote speaker at FCA fundraising event November 2015, December 2015
  • Keynote speaker- Father Son breakfast AG Iona Prep HS January 2015
  • Keynote iHorizon Church Kids Outreach program April 2015
  • Keynote speaker- Desert Vista HS football team June 2015
  • Voted team captain by coaches for NE GAME 2015 & Washington game i2015
  • Main actor in Wendy’s fundraising Commercial raising money for foster kids in New Jersey November-January 2015
  • Actor in Van HEUSEN Flex collar online commercial series September – November 2015
  • Activist and promoter of NO MORE campaign against domestic violence August-November – 2015
  • NFL Player Development job shadow – April – 2015
  • ASU Athletic department job shadow – July – 2015
  • Joyful heart foundation and NO MORE campaign spokesperson and donor – 2015



  • Keynote speaker at AdvoCare promotional convention – January – 2016
  • Invited to NFLPA Board Meetings – March – 2016
  • Invited to align 5 entrepreneur camp in Keys Florida – February- 2016
  • Speaker at monte vista Middle School – March 2016
  • Speaker at Akimel A-al Middle Schools – March 2016
  • Joyful heart foundation and NO MORE campaign spokesperson and donor – 2016


  • Signed Multi year contract with Detroit Lions- March 2018
  • Voted Team captain for Detroit Lions- August 2018
  • Voted Team Man of the Year for Detroit Lions- December 2018
  • Had career best season- 2018



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