As an NFL player, we have so many resources at our disposal. But through my 8 year NFL career I’ve realized that not only do most guys not take advantage of all the resources, but the majority of players are not even aware of what they are. So here are a few tips that I recommend to every player in the league!

In addition to professional resources, in my video Tethering Life Goals to making it Pro helps shed light on a powerful advantage.

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The truth about professional sports is only a few make it and of those that make it, an even smaller number have a career that is long and successful enough to provide them the lives of their dreams and long-term financial freedom.

This is why I believe it’s essential for all aspiring athletes to decide the life they want to live. Once you’ve made that decision if you’re okay with only living that life if you make it to the pros then keep doing what you’re doing…. but if you hope to live that life whether you make it to the pros or not then you must have a mindset shift and create a game plan ON and OFF the field that will help you achieve your goal!

#nfl #mlb #nba #mentor #leadership #goals

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Episode Description: In this episode, we have NFL veteran, Devon Kennard. Devon is a 7 year NFL vet. 2-time captain. 2020 WALTER PAYTON MAN OF YEAR FINALIST. NFLPA rep for 6 years. 13 investment properties. Investor in 21 RE syndications.

We speak to Devon about a number of different things as it pertains to his financial playbook journey and different concepts such as mailbox money. Learn how Devon has become a seasoned vet both on and off the field


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Episode #152: Devon Kennard is an NFL athlete who worked hard for football success. But he learned earlier in life that fortunes can change quickly. So even as he made large NFL salaries, he’s lived modestly (including driving his high school car for 2 years while in the NFL!), and invested in things he understands – like real estate! In this interview, he shares his story of getting started as an investor and eventually growing his portfolio to the point where he received $300,000/year of cash flow!